Island Casino: Gambling Business in New Zealand

The wagering industry develops best where the economy is improved. New Zealand is a prosperous state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, with significant success in trade, economy, technology and tourism. Although gambling is not legalised at the state level, this does not prevent entrepreneurs from operating in the country through offshores.

The gaming sphere in New Zealand has a special status. It generates 2 billion in revenue from citizens and tourists every year. The industry itself has been considered part of the state’s culture for years.

Gambling business in New Zealand: prospects

Together with me and Casino Market, you will learn the preferences of the local audience, and the possibility to operate under a foreign licence on the islands.

Wagering in New Zealand: History and Facts

The industry exists in the state thanks to the activities of various international gaming corporations. They operate in the gambling business in New Zealand on the Internet despite the lack of relevant legislation. Also, these activities are not regulated by the Gambling Commission, which controls only land-based businesses.

Wagering has been popular in New Zealand for a long time, but there are only 7 land-based complexes, which is surprisingly low.

Evolution of Terrestrial Gaming Sphere

Even though wagering is very common among residents, the history of its state regulation is rather unpromising.

Let us consider the main milestones in the background of wagering in New Zealand:

  • 1994 — the appearance of the first large terrestrial casino in the country;
  • 2003 — the release of the Gambling Act, which restricted ground-based wagering establishments and prohibited digital gaming with exceptions (for instance, lotteries, horse racing, and bookie sites);
  • 2004 — the creation of the Gambling Commission, which considers the issue of licensing operators in permitted areas;
  • 2007 — the organisation of the state online lottery;
  • 2010 — the industry in New Zealand is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, and local and global operators are allowed to work with foreign certificates.

iGaming in New Zealand

There is a decent number of legal online casino software. These programs must pass a legitimacy and fairness review by the New Zealand Lottery Commission.

The companies, which are officially registered in offshore territories or foreign countries are the main cell of the industry. Therefore, any local iGaming platforms are prohibited, and the participants face fines.

People of New Zealand play affordable foreign games and use VPN services to access prohibited sites. In addition, punters buy a cryptocurrency and use e-wallets for independent and anonymous transactions.

Favourite games in New Zealand include:

  • sports betting and horse racing;
  • classic table emulators;
  • live dealer entertainment;
  • national lottery and web sweepstakes.

How to Start a Casino in the Country: Top 4 Providers

Casinos in New Zealand: top 4 providers

Online gaming business in New Zealand is restricted. Therefore, the Gambling Commission does not approve lists of accepted operators. However, you can choose an international provider that works for the country.

You will need to go through several stages:

  1. Research the wagering market. Apart from basic principles of gaming, you should also analyse the law of New Zealand.
  2. Check the licence of the provider. Entrepreneurs planning to develop in New Zealand should find and verify certificates. These include popular Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Curacao, etc.
  3. Evaluate the reputation. The operator should learn about the company’s experience, its affiliate opportunities and image. Reviews of customers, especially residents of New Zealand, and foreign companies make the best impression about the gaming enterprise.
  4. Select a provider with decent payment systems. Players should be offered the latest financial tools to conduct reliable transactions. In New Zealand, licensed firms implement a wide catalogue of payment systems, including crypto wallets.
  5. Check for customer support. Professional help is extremely important in any online business. In the iGaming industry, reliable client assistance options can help attract more audiences. The selected vendor should have this feature with chatbots, social networks, and other communication capabilities.

Top 4 entertainment providers popular in New Zealand:

888 Holdings Plc

It is one of the most well-known iGaming suppliers that has been around since 1997. 888 Holdings was registered in Gibraltar and works under its jurisdiction. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is widely distributed in the countries of Asia, the Pacific Ocean, Europe and South America.

This is a great option as the brand offers a lot of games popular in New Zealand:

  • live dealer entertainment;
  • traditional table content (baccarat, blackjack, and roulette);
  • classic and video poker;
  • 3D slot machines.


Another iGaming company is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. NetEnt is a Swedish developer founded in 1997 in the capital city. This is a very popular and reliable provider with thousands of professional workers, 170 casinos, 220 online gaming projects and incredible bonuses.

Here are the key points of NetEnt:

  • global popularity and huge reputation;
  • exceptional 3D slot machines;
  • superior graphics and modern design;
  • crossplatformity;
  • generous bonuses and strong promotions.

Pragmatic Play

This is a popular company that successfully operates in the markets of Asia, Europe and Latin America, despite being the freshest on the list. Pragmatic Play was founded in 2015 but has already released over 200 games.

Among the most popular products are:

  • unique slot machines;
  • entertainment with live dealers;
  • casual table simulators (poker, baccarat, etc.);
  • internet sweepstakes;
  • virtual sports games.

The corporation operates internationally, delivering services to Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and other parts of the Pacific region. The famous types of licences include Romania, Gibraltar, and the Bahamas.

These are the main reasons for the firm’s value:

  • a 92–97% RTP of content;
  • crossplatformity and diversity of mobile options;
  • 200+ award-winning gaming projects;
  • the use of cryptocurrency.


This is one of the most successful companies of our time, registered on the Isle of Man. Microgaming has been around for about 28 years, providing a variety of games to residents of Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Here are the main advantages of Microgaming:

  • 800+ diverse and exclusive entertainment products;
  • high-quality slot and table amusement with high RTP;
  • various licences and certificates (Great Britain, Malta, Sweden, Germany, Colombia, Spain, etc.);
  • establishment of eCOGRA (Electronic Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation);
  • the first mobile casino software (2004);
  • customisable solutions and high-quality support.

Microgaming is a truly great provider whose catalogue captivates many entrepreneurs and gamers. With constant monthly updates and new projects, the firm looks very attractive to such a modern nation as New Zealand.

Final Thoughts

New Zealand gambling software: key notions

There is no decent and official regulation of the industry yet. However, the country with its excited players and commitment to gambling remains a vacant option for anyone.

If you want to know more about the prospects for the wagering project development in New Zealand, I recommend contacting Casino Market. The gaming aggregator will help you choose the best supplier and enter the market faster.

Contact the firm’s manager via:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • Telegram: @turnkey_casino_software

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Hi! I am a successful casino owner & consulting expert at Casino Market with 11+ years of experience. Here I share my tips on starting a business.

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James Burton

Hi! I am a successful casino owner & consulting expert at Casino Market with 11+ years of experience. Here I share my tips on starting a business.