How to Start a Gambling Business in Kuwait

It is one of the dynamically developing countries in Western Asia. Kuwait is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, being an excellent destination for many entrepreneurs, tourists and players nowadays.

Every year, the web gaming industry is upgraded with many diverse solutions, attractive to punters and operators. There are many reasons why you should choose Kuwait as your primary jurisdiction in 2022 and I, James Burton from Casino Market, will explain why.

Wagering Business in Kuwait: Peculiarities

Gambling business in Kuwait: peculiarities
Gambling business in Kuwait

The country has been considered an attractive market for the past few years. Entrepreneurs from all over the world operate in various economic and technological fields, especially gambling in Kuwait. In addition, residents of the state have quite high incomes and are loyal to wagering activities.

Basic Facts

As one of the Middle Eastern and Muslim countries, the state has strict traditions and supports the full prohibition of iGaming. This is applied to land-based, internet wagering, and sports betting.

There is no legislation to control the online gaming business in Kuwait. However, operators can work under an offshore licence to serve the local audience.

In Kuwait, you can open a gambling portal that will not be controlled by the government or violate local regulations. To obtain a licence, you also need to choose the jurisdiction with the best conditions.

The most popular of them include:

  • Antigua and Barbuda;
  • Kahnawake;
  • Malta;
  • the Isle of Man;
  • Curacao;
  • Gibraltar, and others.

iGaming in Kuwait: Reasons for Starting a Business

Here are some advantages why entrepreneurs choose this market:

  1. Low competition. Since the gambling business in Kuwait is only at its start, there are very few rivals. This is a great chance for newcomers in the gaming industry to quickly attract many local and foreign customers.
  2. Great economy. Kuwait is a very attractive country for wagering operators, as citizens receive decent salaries and can make big bets. This is all thanks to the developed economy and significant reserves of oil and gas.
  3. High request for internet gaming. Despite the traditional Muslim customs in life, Kuwaitis love to play slots, poker, apps and sweepstakes. In 2022, internet wagering is particularly popular in Western Asia.
  4. Mobile entertainment solutions. Many citizens of Kuwait frequently play games on smartphones. These are solvent residents, each having a portable device and downloading many applications. The solution for mobile gadgets is effective in increasing the number of consumers.
  5. Use of cryptocurrency. Most Kuwaiti players prefer using electronic money. This helps to quickly receive and transfer funds, and maintain anonymity and independence from the authorities. In addition, using Bitcoin and other tokens will help save money due to the absence of fees.
  6. Progressive society. Citizens of Kuwait love innovation, and the country has great technological potential. People play in VR and AR slots, and web entertainment with live dealers.
  7. Fast project launch. A favourable environment for the iGaming business and the absence of competitors will allow you to start an online project in just 1–2 months.

Most Demanded Gaming Entertainment in Kuwait

Casino games in Kuwait: top entertainment
Casino games in Kuwait

The local players participate and bet in a variety of wagering positions. Some of them enjoy making bids online while staying home all day, while others visit terrestrial establishments as the best way to relax after a hard week.

Here are the favourite types of gaming activities in Kuwait:

  • online betting (on such sports as football, tennis, athletics, basketball, and motor racing);
  • poker and other card simulators;
  • live casino entertainment;
  • keno and bingo;
  • roulette;
  • unique 3D slot machines with exclusive themes and bonuses.

Starting a Casino in Kuwait

Foreign operators wonder how to open an iGaming business project quickly and efficiently. To cope with this task, I will give you quick but effective instructions for creating an online portal in the country.

Top 7 steps to launch a gaming project:

  1. Do market research. If you are a beginner and want to become successful in the industry, you should conduct a personal investigation to understand the basic principles. Explore the specifics of the gaming industry in Kuwait, where to obtain a licence, and how to get the most profit.
  2. Create an attractive website. You can hire a professional team to develop an internet portal with the best design. This can be done by ordering turnkey casino solutions from dependable gaming aggregators.
  3. Take care of the software. You should thoroughly search for entertaining content that would appeal to your audience of different categories. Trust proven and reputable brands.
  4. Promote your project. The fastest way to attract the right audience is reliable advertising. Popularise your product on social networks, hold contests, and raffles, and give bonuses to newcomers for registration.
  5. Include decent financial systems. When creating a gaming project, it is worth connecting various payment services, as well as cryptocurrency. It is always important for players to make deposits and withdrawals with ease and know that their money is in safe hands.
  6. Ensure 100% safety. Security is one of the key elements of success for a gaming operator. You can incorporate such innovative protection technologies as player behaviour analysis, fraud prevention systems, automatic identity verification, etc.
  7. Provide effective customer support. Thanks to the stable operation of this service, you will be able to consult many clients at once and without interruption. It will be easy to solve various technical problems, partnership issues, integration, or take orders.

Top 3 Casino Software Providers in Kuwait

Casino software in Kuwait: top providers
Casino software in Kuwait

You can start the development when you already understand the basic principles of creating a gaming product. This can be done in the 2 most popular ways in Kuwait:

  • elaborating the project from scratch independently;
  • turnkey solutions from successful providers.

The first method requires large material and time resources, while ready-made products are developed faster. A turnkey gaming solution is made by the operator and a professional team in the short term. However, both methods require buying a licence, since the business in Kuwait must be legal.

Let us review the 3 most relevant providers you can buy casino software from:


This is an Austrian enterprise that was registered in 1998. It was then bought by Novomatic to create unique and technological slots, as well as mobile applications. Greentube operates in the Asian market, the countries of Europe and South America.

Here are the main advantages of the provider:

  • 300+ slots in the gaming catalogue;
  • unique themes and plots in any entertainment;
  • high-quality 3D graphics and animation;
  • simple mechanics;
  • crossplatformity to play on any device.


It is a popular vendor of software for the wagering business in Europe, Latin America, and especially Asia. Microgaming is a professional in its field, operating continuously since 1994 with headquarters in South Africa.

The corporation is the prominent iGaming software supplier, which is popular in Kuwait due to:

  • a large assortment of offline and online slots;
  • high-quality graphics (with 3D, VR and AR effects);
  • an impressive percentage of RTP;
  • high reputation and extensive experience of the company;
  • the presence of built-in progressive jackpot systems and high big wins.


This supplier was established in 1993 in Austria, and in almost 30 years has gained popularity worldwide. In 2011, Amatic entered the online gaming market and fully focused on developing virtual entertainment, including sports betting, lotteries, poker, table emulators, slots, and more.

Amatic works in many regions of the world, especially in Asia, and has the following features:

  • cross-platform programs;
  • profitable and diverse mobile entertainment;
  • wide catalogue of unique slot machines;
  • exclusive design and simple gameplay;
  • various betting opportunities.

All Things Considered

Opening a business in Kuwait is possible and effective. Operators only need to obtain a foreign licence.

The country is developing rapidly and has low competition in the field of the gambling sphere. It helps both beginners and professional operators to get opportunities for a successful gaming career in Kuwait. And also, the residents of the country are well-off and love to bet on real money.

You can get demo versions from the best developers in the Arabian Peninsula including Kuwait through the Casino Market service. It is a leading gaming aggregator that cooperates with top providers. This will save you time and help launch the project quickly.

Contact the firm’s manager via:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • Telegram: @turnkey_casino_software

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Hi! I am a successful casino owner & consulting expert at Casino Market with 11+ years of experience. Here I share my tips on starting a business.

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James Burton

Hi! I am a successful casino owner & consulting expert at Casino Market with 11+ years of experience. Here I share my tips on starting a business.